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Siberians the Breed

Siberians or Siberian Forest Cats are a centuries old breed of agile and powerful cats native to the forests of Siberia as the name suggests. Their ancestral home is a snow covered, cold climate and beautiful environment where they spend their days hunting, playing and of course relaxing and sleeping. The Siberian is a large, strong cat which can take up to five years to mature. A very intelligent breed that are adventurous with lush triple layered coats that keep them both warm and cool year round. Siberian cats have a gentle, loving nature and well rounded personality. They adore children, get along great with the whole family and readily accept other household pets. Siberians have a dog-like devotion and personality. They are often referred to as "the cat for dog people". Siberians enjoy being with their human companions.

Why should I choose a Siberian

If your are considering a Siberian there are several benefits to choosing this breed.

Allergy friendly: Many people with cat allergies find that they have fewer or no allergic reactions to Siberians. While no cat breed is completely hypoallergenic, Siberian cats produce fewer allergenic proteins in their saliva making them potentially suitable for allergy sufferers.

Siberians are generally found to produce lower levels of Fel D1 than other breeds. While Fel D1 is mainly produced in saliva and sebaceous glands Siberians love to groom themselves resulting in fur transference. We can post you a free fur sample from the queen so you can test prior to reservation or perhaps put you in touch with a local Siberian guardian you can visit. Please note all fur samples are retrieved by grooming our queens.

Appearance: Siberians are known for their stunning looks. They have a long, dense fur that helps them adapt to harsh weather conditions. Their thick triple coats come in a variety of colour's and pattern's making them appear regal and majestic.

Personality: Siberians have a friendly and playful nature. They can form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy being around people. Siberians are generally gentle and patient, making them suitable for families with children or other pets. As they are an intelligent and adaptable breed, they are accepting of varying personalities and dwelling sizes, they can be trained and love to go for walks outside on a lead.

Siberians are inquisitive and quite adventurous. They love surprises like a new toy or exploring your wardrobe or shopping to see what is new. Don't be surprised if your new fur baby wants to sniff everything you cook or plan to eat. Siberians love to climb and be up high while equally find a simple cardboard box fun to play and hide in. Highly intelligent, Siberians are quite easy to train and can learn to explore on a lead or go for a ride in a cat pram.

Siberian cats are super affectionate and have playful personalities. These cats mature very slowly, both physically and emotionally. It can take the Siberian as long as five years to reach adulthood, which means they can spend a significant portion of their life acting like kittens and love to play. Siberian cats are typically pretty mellow and quiet. When they do make noise, it will likely be a little purr or chirp to express some affection to their favorite people.

Do I choose a Male or Female Siberian

There are a few differences between male and female Siberians, both in terms of physical characteristics and behaviour. It's important to note that individual cats can vary and not all male and female cats will exhibit the same traits.

Male Siberians are typically larger and heavier than females, with a more substantial bone structure and muscular build. Males with often have a fuller and more impressive ruff around their necks, their fur can also be thicker and longer than a females.

I find that by desexing kittens at 12 weeks of age, the male and female Siberians develop similar personality traits and are less likely to develop territorial or dominant behaviours.

Bearing this is mind remember that regardless of gender, each cat has its own unique personality and traits. So when choosing a Siberian, its essential to consider the individual cats temperament, health and compatibility with your lifestyle rather than solely relying on gender.

Why are some Siberians fluffier than others

Coat length and thickness are influenced by the cat's genetic makeup. Cat's inherit genes from their parents that may contribute to a longer and denser coat resulting in a fluffier appearance.

Siberians have a triple coat that helps protect them from extreme weather conditions, they undergo a natural shedding cycle where they lose their dense winter coat for a lighter summer coat. During winter their fur becomes thicker and more abundant with a ruff developing around their necks.

Just like humans hair, cat's can have individual variations in their coat texture and thickness, even within the same litter.

Regular grooming aids in maintaining the fluffiness of a Siberians coat. Brushing also helps remove loose fur and prevent matting, it can also help minimize hairballs and skin issues. Proper grooming techniques and tools can enhance the overall appearance of your cat's fur.

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